Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol: Finally we get Indian Idol 14 Winner Vaibhav Gupta!

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol: Finally we get Indian Idol 14 Winner Vaibhav Gupta!

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol: Vaibhav Gupta finally win Indian Idol season 14 with his outstanding performances. Indian Idol 14 just wrapped up its season with Vaibhav Gupta from Kanpur emerging as the big winner.

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol

The grand finale saw Subhadeep Das as the first runner-up and Piyush Pawar as the second runner-up. Vaibhav’s victory has brought immense joy to his fans and family. The show entertained everyone for nearly four months, and now the journey has concluded on a high note.

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol 14

Vaibhav Gupta, a talented singer from Kanpur, emerged as the shining star of Indian Idol Season 14 during the exciting Grand Finale on March 3. He clinched the winner’s title, earning a hefty cheque of Rs. 25 lakhs and a sleek new car. The competition was tough with finalists like Shubhadeep Das Chowdhury, Ananya Pal, Adya Mishra, Piyush Panwar, and Anjana Padmanabhan.

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol 14

Shubhadeep Das Chowdhury and Piyush Panwar secured the first and second runner-up positions, each receiving Rs. 5 lakhs. Ananya Pal claimed the third runner-up spot, taking home Rs. 3 lakhs.

Reflecting on his challenging journey, Vaibhav expressed, “Winning the Indian Idol 14 trophy is beyond words. It’s a tremendous honor to carry on the legacy of this beloved and prestigious show. This journey has been an exhilarating rollercoaster, filled with multiple emotions, challenges, and unforgettable moments.”

Vaibhav Gupta win Indian Idol 14: Winner got this much price money

Lets talk about how much money prize Vaibhav Gupta win on this show, then the star of the show, not only became the winner’s trophy but also walked away with a cool Rs 25 lakh in prize money. And that’s not all – he’s now the proud owner of Maruti’s sleek Brezza car. For Vaibhav, the trophy isn’t just a dream come true; it’s beyond words. Grateful for his victory, he took a moment to express heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported him, especially his amazing fans.

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