Rinky Chakma Died at 28: Former Miss India Tripura, Rinky Chakma Dies Of Cancer!

Rinky Chakma Died: Former Miss India Tripura, Rinky Chakma Dies Of Cancer!

Rinky Chakma Died at 28: This moment is really sad for us because Former Miss India Tripura, Rinky Chakma has died today at the age of 28 because of this breast cancer. She was actually struggling with this cancer from last 2 years.

Rinky Chakma Died at the Age of 28

Rinky Chakma, the former Miss India Rinky Chakma Died, at the age of 28 after bravely fighting cancer for two years. Despite undergoing surgery, she succumbed to the relentless battle against the formidable disease. Femina Miss India has expressed profound sorrow through a social media statement before Rinky Chakma Died, acknowledging Ms. Chakma as an indomitable force, personifying both grace and purpose.

Rinky Chakma Died at the Age of 28

In a heartfelt message, Femina Miss India conveyed their condolences to Rinky Chakma’s family and friends, extending support during this challenging period. The statement honors her as someone whose legacy of purpose and beauty will endure. The post concludes with a poignant farewell, expressing that Rinky’s impact will be deeply felt and remembered by all fortunate enough to have known her. May her soul find eternal peace.

Rinky Chakma Share Instagram Post

In a recent Instagram post, Ms. Chakma bravely shared the arduous path she had been navigating for the past two years since being diagnosed with cancer. She disclosed that she had initially faced her struggles in solitude, opting not to confide in anyone about her health challenges.

Ms Chakma believed she could confront and overcome the ordeal independently. However, she reached a turning point, acknowledging the need to open up about her health journey.

Revealing the nature of her battle, Ms. Chakma disclosed that she was grappling with a malignant phyllodes tumor, specifically in her breast. Following her initial surgery, the cancer metastasized, spreading to her lungs and later affecting her head, resulting in a brain tumor. The Instagram post highlighted the gravity of her situation, with a pending brain surgery contingent upon successful chemotherapy.

Ms Chakma candidly expressed the widespread impact of the cancer, affecting the entire right side of her body up to her lungs. She shared this challenging reality with a hope of healing, albeit acknowledging the slim 30% chance tied to the chemotherapy.

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