Remo D’Souza and dog Viral Video: Video gone Viral!

Remo D'Souza and dog Viral Video: Video gone Viral!

Remo D’Souza and dog Video: Remo D’Souza is really famous dancer and choreographers in india. He’s been get famous because of its dance talent. There is video on internet where we seen Remo D’Souza and dog get viral in all over the internet.

What happened is an unexpected guest came on the show without any permission, does not have to do anything with dance, stole the show on ‘Dance Plus Pro. it captured the attention of judge Remo D’Souza and the dancers. Remo, unable to resist, carried the dog onto the judge’s seat, leading to a heartwarming exchange of affection between them.

Remo D’Souza and dog Viral Video

Talking about Remo D’Souza and dog Viral Video, then Remo D’Souza recently shared an emotional video on his Instagram, garnering millions of views in just three days. The heartwarming clip featuring the lovable dog has touched the audience, with comments pouring in expressing admiration for the unexpected and charming entry on ‘Dance Plus Pro.’

Remo D'Souza and dog Viral Video

Liesel, Remo’s wife, couldn’t resist calling it ‘very cute,’ while stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu declared that the video made his day. The sentiment was echoed by other notable figures like Rupali Ganguly, Srijita De, Tushar Shetty, and Sanam Johar, who shared their reactions. If you haven’t seen the video yet, it’s a must-watch for a dose of pure joy. Remo D’Souza and dog Viral Video on the internet with this pretty attitude from Remo in whole india.

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