MG Motors Going to Launch 2 New cars, Gloster Facelift & Excelor EV!

MG Motors Going to Launch 2 New cars, Gloster Facelift & Excelor EV!

MG Motors Going to Launch 2 New cars: MG Motors is the most popular car brand in india and even in outside the country. Because of their creative car design and new features this company get huge fan following. That’s the reason people are waiting for MG motors new cars variant.

But recently MG motors announced that we are going to launch two new car variants Gloster Facelift & Excelor EV in india this year. Lets know much more information about these new cars variants.

MG Motors Going to Launch 2 New cars, Gloster Facelift & Excelor EV

Finally after so much wait MG Motor going to unveiled its latest MY 2024 car lineup. This company also said that we are featuring both price adjustments and subtle variant modifications in these two new car variants. In February 2024 MG Motors saw a notable sales figure of 4,532 units for the SAIC Motor-owned brand.

Despite a lack of new releases in its roster thus far, the company has orchestrated a significant overhaul within its product offerings. However, this period of relative quietude is set to be disrupted, as MG is preparing to introduce two eagerly anticipated new models to the Indian market later this year. Let’s delve into the specifics of these upcoming additions.

1. MG Excelor EV

Finally MG Motors going to launch its two new car variant in india. The simple variant if the Comet, which is actually not that much expensive and budget-friendly for the peoples who wants to buy this new car variant. But on the other hand other new car variant is ZS EV, which is quite more expensive as compared to its firts variant and a premium SUV. Recently, they actually made trademarked for the name Excelor EV new car variant in India.

MG Motors Going to Launch 2 New cars, Gloster Facelift & Excelor EV

Although details about this new variant are limited and does not share completely by the official website, but it’s believed to be a new electric car positioned below the ZS EV. MG previously confirmed plans to launch a new EV in India by 2024. The name Excelor is unique and hasn’t been used by MG elsewhere, adding excitement to the upcoming release.

2. MG Gloster Facelift

Talking about the 2nd new car variant of MG Gloster, then this new variant comming with outstanding atractive muscular design and powerfull engine. Additionally if see its modification, then there will be some small changes inside this new car variant and also sdd some new outstanding tech features.

MG Excelor EV

Moreover, When we talk about its inside body and inside hood features, then you’ll still have the same features like engine options to choose from. Talking about more then, one is a 2.0-liter turbo diesel that gives you 161 horsepower and 375 Nm of torque. The other option is a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel, which packs a punch with 215 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque.

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