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SusstiNews Team

Abdullah Waseem

Abdullah Waseem, Founder:

Abdullah Waseem is a blogger Founder and Content Strategy Head of He started his blogging career in 2019 and has created many successful blogs till now.
Haris waseem
Haris Waseem

Tech Writer:

Haris waseem is Content is content Write and love to share tech knowledge and mobile News to the world at  

Hassan Nissar
Hassan Nissar

Vehicles Writer:

Hassan Nissar has always been interested in fast vehicles. He has been writing about cars for the last 3 years, but he has been interested in cars for years before that.

Bilal waseem

Bilal Ahmad

Entertainment Writer:

Bilal Ahmad is very fond of films. Therefore, I take charge of the entertainment of It is our responsibility to write all the content related to movies, trailers and web series. I have been doing content writing for the last 3 years and have been associated with since last year.